Ewa Jaros

Antropomorfos (2017/2018)

The Antropomorfos project is a series of oil paintings.

Color and the human body in its power are the protagonists of this series. They are deformed bodies, without sex specific, imperfect, or rather perfect in their imperfection. Color comes to symbolize emotions that inhabit bodies and aims to visualize the dynamism of that animated matter.

The important point of creation of this series is the process of its realization. The pictures were painted consecutively every day in the early hours of the morning for six months. They were painted with the fingers of the hands loaded with paint, without using the brush. They were painted with closed eyes to limit the brain control and its tendency to judge what it sees. They were painted on a paper of limited format, of about A4 size.

During the process I was interested in being in direct contact with the materiality of the painting, without looking, imagining the possible shapes of the bodies and capture them on the flat surface of the paper. As if it all were about the virtual creation of some animated characters but which would become materialized through the physical quality of painting and finger movement. Opening my eyes, I used to give a final touch to the created shape through a rapid impulse so as to affirm what the form suggested to me.

The project was exhibited in 2018 at the Cafè Diamant, Barcelona.

Dossier / Room plan

Selection of experiments

“ The number of colors and shapes is infinite, as well as the combinations and effects. The material is inexhaustible. “
(Vassily Kandinsky)
“ Where the eye is annulled, worlds are born: painting has one foot in architecture and the other in dreams “ (Octavio Paz)
“ The heart is an eye “ (Octavio Paz)
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