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Una Voz que Hable por Mí (2021/2022)

Una Voz que Hable por Mí is a multiple project, consisting of a show and two publications, one digital and the other on paper. On the one hand, a show has been created interdisciplinary mixing poetry (Raúl Sola), painting (Ewa Jaros) and music (Joel Carro) and on the other hand the publication of the illustrated collection of poems in paper format, and finally a publication in video format / audiobook on Youtube.

In this project, I have contributed my experience both for the creation of the original oil illustrations, as well as in the field of editorial layout and image processing, in order to convert original color paintings in black and white with convincing contrast and strength. Particular attention has been paid to find the sweet spot in the treatment of RAW, to make outstanding the fine details of the drawings. I have also assembled the videos in the audiobook format, as well as some communication media (poster).

The project has been presented in several venues in Catalonia, in Madrid and in Granada, where it found much public appreciation. The book is currently available for sale.

Poetry and voice - Raúl R. Sola
Music - Joel Carro
Painting - Ewa Jaros

Audio mix and master - Óscar Guasch
Video montage - Ewa Jaros

If you want to support this work, you can buy a physical copy of the collection of poems by clicking here.

More music by Joel Carro on Spotify by clicking here.
“ A dull sip in the ditches / and the light brings back its silence to matter “

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Raúl R. Sola
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