Ewa Jaros

Yerma, dry planet (2019)

YERMA is a short 3D animation video made with Blender, based on the eponymous play by Federico García Lorca. It is a contemporary interpretation of that poem, in which the central character is a desolate planet and isolated, similar to the Earth, and deformed thanks to a series of keyframes that act on the mesh of the 3D model. Just like Gaia, the generating matrix of terrestrial life, that planet dreams of having its own children, but soon disenchanted. The situation in which he finds himself prevents him from doing so. Drought and absence of love make it a inhospitable place, impossible for life. Duration: 2 min.

Selected and presented in wall projection format at the Palleja light festival, 2019.
“ Rock that is an infamy that it is a rock, because it should be a basket of flowers and fresh water “
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