Ewa Jaros

The Encounter (2020/2022)

The Encounter is a series of eighteen paintings. The blurred shapes of the human body overlap each other and create surprising new shapes that invite the viewer to make sense of the painting. So what are we seeing? Do we see what we see or do we see what we are? There are as many interpretations as there are experiences lived by the observer.

The colors and shapes evoke elements of earth, fire, water and air. The reddish and yellowish allude to clay, sand, tangible matter, but also to the proximity of the heat of the fire. Turquoise blues and greens allude to the cold of the water, to the intangible distance, to the depths and to dreams. Water and air lead to movement and transformation. Earth and fire take us back to the roots.
Mirando en la misma dirección 89 x 122cm
Encuentro I 73 x 122cm
Pasado, presente, futuro (Ouroboros) 89 x 122cm
Confusion opens a space to play with the error. The four elements act in the psyche of every human being. The excess of fire, the lack of water, are just a few examples that symbolize aspects of our being and are the forces that animate us.

The mirror is another element that appears in the series and that alludes to reflection but also to distortion. The mirror is never exact and therefore here comes to symbolize distorted perception. It has its parallel with memory, a selective mechanism that tends to distort the facts to build the continuity of being. Confusion and error guide us to find ourselves and take root in our being.
“ Neither there nor here: along that edge of doubt, traversed only by mirrors and glimpses, where language contradicts itself, I go to meet myself. “ (Octavio Paz)
Bajo el agua (Neptuno) 54 x 81cm
Bajo el agua (Los desconocidos) 89 x 116cm
Encuentro VI 89 x 116cm
Encuentro IV 54 x 81cm
Espejo (Otredad & Amor) 73 x 116cm
Bajo el agua (Misterio) 19 x 27cm
Encuentro III 89 x 116cm
Encuentro 32 x 61cm
Bajo el agua 60 x 81cm
Encuentro (Danza) 32 x 61cm
Bajo el agua (Esperanza) 54 x 81cm
Encuentro II 89 x 116cm
Encuentro (Sombras) 40 x 40cm
Encuentro V 32 x 61cm
Espejo (Otredad & Amor) 32 x 61cm
“What saves us at last is our defenselessness“
(Rainer Maria Rilke)
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